Passion for the Grand Valley

We have a passion for cycling and for the trails. Not only do we ride the trails, but we work on them and build them, too. Through advocacy, trail design, and trail work, we have invested much of our time and energy into our local riding areas. It's important to us, not just so we can show you our "backyard", but so that we can leave a legacy of good stewardship.


With all of the advocacy and trail-building we do, and the fact that we have almost three decades of experience riding in the Grand Valley. We know our trails and enjoy sharing them with you.


Our staff is trained in first aid, this is important to us and should be important to you as well. We have the ability to react and respond to emergency situations. We have had to use our skills, but thankfully not on our clients, but again, it goes back to being good trail stewards.


Photo by Lee Lau.